Sentaler Men
Fall 2022 Capsule
In crafting the visual direction for the Sentaler Men Fall 2022 Capsule, inspiration was drawn from the vibrant and culturally rich 1970s. The goal was to encapsulate the essence of that era's unique charm while infusing it with a contemporary twist. The result was a dynamic and visually captivating lookbook that not only pays homage to the past, but also serves as a bridge to the modern world.

Role: Creative Lead & Graphic Designer
Art Direction · Creative Strategy · Lookbook Design · Email Design
Creative Director: Bojana Sentaler
Creative Lead: Nicole Melamed
Photographer/Videographer: Mark Binks
Stylists: Zeina Esmail & Brandon Laughton
H&MU: Anna Nenoiu
Models: Jack Greystone & Arianna Hicks
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